Woven Labels

Woven Labels

Nexgen’s woven labels are expertly crafted on looms, offering a variety of durable yarn types, fade-resistant colors and folding and sewing options. They are customized to suit a multitude of uses.

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Woven labels are created on a weaving loom. Looms, using woven thread, follow a preexisting pattern or artwork. Through this process, Using several different thread options, including polyester, recycled polyester, BCI cotton, and organic cotton.There are also a variety of qualities to choose: taffeta, damask or satin. Folding & sewing options are dependent on the sewing location and look you want to achieve on the garment. Our woven labels meet all of the unique aesthetics and qualities that our customers expect for nexgen.


Nexgen uses high-quality materials to ensure all of our woven labels are durable enough to keep looking great, even with long-term use.


We hold our materials to the highest standards, using only state-of-the-art equipment to produce your woven labels. Choose from material qualities like taffeta, damask, or satin to get just the right feel to suit your product.


Because your design is stitched right into the label, it won’t fade over time, and we use quality dyes that keep those colors brighter longer.


Choose your yarn, your quality, your colors, and your folding and sewing style for a label that is as unique as your brand.


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