Carding can make a product stand out while also providing protection. Our high-quality accessory or header cards are customized with your choice of material, color, and die-cut shape.

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When looking for carding solutions, how well a card can display the product while meeting the brand identity is key. Protecting the merchandise is equally important. Our card portfolio features several stocks, colors, and die-cuts while maintaining durability, keeping products safe. Nexgen’s card offerings are fully customizable, visually-pleasing, meeting testing requirements. With Nexgen’s diverse range of card offerings, you can easily organize your products on table or display.


Nexgen prioritizes sustainability across our product lines, and our cards are no exception. We offer a variety of paper and production options to keep your materials environmentally friendly.

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Your cards should be as unique as the products they protect, so we offer your choice of paper stocks, colors, and die-cut shapes for carding that is uniquely you.


Whether you’re looking for paper cards or plastic, we have certified options in both categories.

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