Nexgen specializes in producing logos or brands across multiple materials, in multiple countries, with quality and care. Using our platform to communicate, brand standards, testing requirements and customer timelines, our global excellence team delivers operational and quality excellence.

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Customers know when we produce new programs we take several steps to insure success. Evaluate needs and goals, examine components individually, pinpoint areas of improvement or consolidation and propose solutions, being mindful of cost and added value. Nexgen takes pride in our ongoing efforts to decrease packaging waste without compromising brand integrity.


With over 95% of our product portfolio having a certified sustainable option to choose from, we are well suited to meet your trim requirements globally.


Our staff globally have access to our systems that house your brand guides, quality & testing requirements and approved sample standards. This information ensures accurate, seamless production regardless of your manufacturing footprint.


Minimize packaging

Maximize Brands Identity

Create a cohesive look

Elevate & Consolidate

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