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USA - Washington

Global Production Footprint

Our production strategy was developed by listening to the needs of our customers:
– Centralized hubs that can produce at scale and with latest technologies

-Local production that is close to factories in emerging markets and provide quick response times

– In-plant printing in factories and distribution centers that provide the ultimate flexibility for quick-turn orders

In addition to giving our customers flexibility, our ability to produce locally is part of our sustainability commitment and reduced carbon footprint.


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Partner factories using Nexgen software platform

Frequently Asked Questions

We manufacture in 19 countries throughout the world. Focusing on near shoring. if you’d like learn more, please contact us.
Just fill out the “contact us” information on our site and a local representative will contact you shortly.
By contacting our sales team or office, we will walk you through our options and find the right samples to suit your needs. Fill out our “contact us” page. We're happy to send you what you are looking for.
Our data management team conduct webinars walking you through all of nexgen’s offerings answering any questions you may have. Please fill out the “contact us” form and we will get you scheduled.

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Nexgen has a dedicated global team focused exclusively on supporting new customer deployments. Our product experts review, suggest and track the success throughout the development process. Looking for efficiencies and potential cost savings, Nexgen’s team works closely with our customers providing product excellence. We ensure that design becomes an ethos, infusing business strategies and objectives.