Nexgen has a global reach and prints and encodes RFID in 12 countries. - Nexgen has hundreds of In Plant Printing locations currently and can expand rapidly to the customers.

product description

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags represent the next generation of tagging services. Our product model provides offerings that have been developed so that retailers / brands of any size can deploy RFID in a cost effective manner, not just mega retailers.

– Nexgen RFID strategy is completely aligned with our overall business that is focused on providing customers with quality, speed and flexibility.

– Production capabilities that scale from centralized, large volume location to In Plant Printing at the factory.

– Strong suite data management and reporting capabilities.

Nexgen has partnered with world-class, ARC approved inlay suppliers and third-party application providers to ensure that our customers stay in compliance with larger retailer RFID mandates.


We believe RFID technology should be available to any business, so we’ve made ours uniquely convenient and user-friendly while still meeting industry standards. RFID is the evolution of bar codes and in many ways is like any other variable data offering.


Nexgen partners with the best of the best in ARC-approved inlays and third-party applications to meet our exceptional standards. Our data management team provides customers with a full range of services that reduce the burden on you and your IT teams.

Data Focused

We understand that Nexgen’s role in any RFID deployment is to be part of a team that delivers RFID enabled applications to our customers.  We are open and flexible to the elements that are critical
to success.

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