Bags have many uses, including product display, shipping, or protection. Choose the perfect materials and designs for your brand, and consider our reusable options your customers will love again and again.

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Our customer’s needs encompass several types of bags for their merchandise. We’ve designed our portfolio of bag products to meet their needs and more. When purchasing bags from Nexgen, you can choose from any of the most popular bags used in retail today. They range from protective bags to reusable bags that are durable enough for multiple uses. We also offer display bags, transit bags and mailers. Nexgen’s product experts will work with you, finding the ideal solution for your needs and unique brand identity.


Looking for bags that can be used over and over? Look no further. Nexgen has reusable bag options are both stylish and sustainable. 


All of our bags option can be fully customized, including materials, colors, and designs. We design & produce bags telling you  unique brand story.


Paper or plastic isn’t just for grocery stores. Our bags come in your choice of conventional and recycled materials, making your products stand out while also providing protection.

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