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Looking for something special, adding to your garments value? We have so many great ideas, they won’t fit on our website. Give us a challenge…we won’t disappoint.

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Despite a wide range of offerings, sometimes our customers have specialized needs for their brand. That’s why we offer specialized products which delight and effectively convey a unique brand story to the world. Not only can our customers choose from multiple options of specialized add-ons, but all options are fully customizable, and come in sustainable versions as well.


We offer a huge selection of products, add-ons, and custom services to meet all your branding needs in one convenient place.

Multiple Options

Nexgen provides full customizability on both our standard products and anything else you can imagine, including materials, colors, shapes, sizes, and even production methods.


We offer sustainable options across our product lines to help you save the earth.

Sustainable Versions

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