Omnichannel retailing: are your supply chain and packaging strategies ready?

Posted on December 18, 2020

Omnichannel retailing: are your supply chain and packaging strategies ready?


At Nexgen Packaging, we are working with our customers to develop packaging strategies aligned with their omnichannel requirements. Every retailer and brand has unique requirements that need to be prioritized but there are a few consistent areas we have seen that are critical to omnichannel models:

Branding strategies – some retailers are looking for a consistent brand experience across all channels. Others are separating the branding experience to meet the specific needs that one channel much have to engage consumers. Regardless of your approach, brand integrity is key to your success.

Comprehensive trim portfolio – a complete offering of omnichannel trim and label items can include over 10 individual pieces. Coordinating the design, manufacturing and fulfillment of these items across your supply chain can be complex. Omnichannel trim offerings must also meet the industry trends around sustainability and flexible manufacturing. Managing this complexity, especially across multiple suppliers, can be an overwhelming challenge for trim managers.

RFID – inventory management is critical to meeting all aspects of an omnichannel strategy. Deploying RFID tags is the most accurate and cost effective way to understand where inventory exists and ensure alignment with demand from all channels.
Supply chain mapping – supply chain architectures are being redesigned now to meet new regional priorities and omnichannel requirements. Transparency of where products are manufactured and the ability to hit quick turn demand is key for omnichannel models.
Retailers are continuing to push the envelope when defining omnichannel. The points above are a few of the things to take into consideration whether you are starting your omnichannel journey or well on your way. At Nexgen Packaging, we provide our customers with a full portfolio of products to minimize the number of vendors needed and we provide the creative resources needed to protect and amplify your brand. Our investment in software and data management provides an efficient, industry leading platform for serialization, data management and global print management. We emphasize the importance of forward-looking teams and innovation within our organization and we are ready to help you and your teams with your omnichannel roadmap.

The world of retail is changing and disruptions to your supply chain and store operations are likely to continue. Nexgen Packaging’s investments in regional production capabilities, software and data analytics can help your teams prepare and overcome these challenges. Please reach out to a Nexgen sales representative if you have any questions about our portfolio of products and services for your omnichannel needs.