Nexgen to develop supply chain applications for retail, apparel and footwear on PTC ThingWorx® IoT Platform

Posted on January 17, 2017

Nexgen to develop supply chain applications for retail, apparel and footwear on PTC ThingWorx® IoT Platform




ROMEOVILLE, Ill., Jan. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Nexgen Packaging, a leading global apparel identification supplier, today announced that Nexgen has chosen PTC ThingWorx® Internet of Things (IoT) platform as its platform on which to develop solutions in the retail, apparel and footwear (RAF) industry. The agreement enables Nexgen to leverage and expand its integration with PTC FlexPLM® software announced earlier this year.

ThingWorx will serve as the platform on which Nexgen will build its cloud-based solutions for RAF markets targeted at transforming the ordering, manufacturing and delivery of brand ID offerings and other product components. Nexgen’s solutions will rely on PTC’s open cloud architecture, which will enable Nexgen to optimize the development and delivery of its products and services.

“Our customers are looking for ways to accelerate the time it takes to bring products to market and reduce the costs associated with the delivery of these products,” said Jim Welch, Nexgen EVP and GM. “Nexgen is enhancing its industry leading software solutions to provide real-time supply chain visibility and key to this is the PTC ThingWorx® IoT platform. The ThingWorx platform will allow us to quickly and effectively aggregate customer and industry data and provide our customers with unique insights via the predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities of ThingWorx. Nexgen is working with PTC to provide design and delivery solutions for customers in the RAF markets and is excited to extend that strategic relationship with PTC around the ThingWorx platform.”

A Comprehensive IoT Technology Stack

The centerpiece of PTC’s IoT technology portfolio, ThingWorx includes a rapid application development platform, connectivity, machine learning capabilities, augmented reality, and integration with leading device clouds. These features combine to deliver a comprehensive IoT technology stack that enables companies to securely connect assets, quickly create applications, and innovate new ways to capture value.

“The retail industry can benefit immensely from the capabilities enabled by ThingWorx,” said Eric Symon, general manager, Retail Business Unit, PTC. “Our collaboration with Nexgen is a terrific example of how ThingWorx can help companies in the retail industry improve their operations, develop more efficient processes, and improve the customer service experience.”

About Nexgen Packaging

Nexgen Packaging, LLC is a global provider of apparel brand identification and packaging products, serving the creative, product development, and production needs of apparel and footwear manufacturers and retailers, and their global manufacturing partners. The company is focused on simplifying everything from the creative process to order execution, utilizing innovative technologies to increase efficiency and enhance customer service.

Nexgen offers a comprehensive range of products and services designed to meet its customers’ product identification needs, including woven labels, printed labels, heat transfers, hang tags, integrated tags, price tickets, RFID tags and labels, wrap bands, patches, boxes, poly bags and a broad range of specialized products. Our customers include a broad range of apparel brands and retailers.

Nexgen has sales and manufacturing operations in the United States, United Kingdom, Guatemala, Vietnam, China and 11 other key apparel and footwear producing countries globally.

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