Nexgen strengthens their sustainability portfolio with the acquisition of Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions.

Posted on July 19, 2021

Nexgen strengthens their sustainability portfolio with the acquisition of Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions.


Westmont, Ill. July 20, 2021/ PRNewswire/ – Nexgen Packaging, an industry leading supplier of packaging for the retail, apparel and footwear industry, today announced the acquisition of Oakland, Ca. based Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions’ assets. This acquisition strengthens Nexgen’s leadership position in supplying retailers and brands with environmentally conscious packaging solutions.

“Ditto has an outstanding reputation as a team that combines award-winning design capabilities with industry leading sustainable solutions for retailers and brands.”, said Jim Welch, Nexgen Co-CEO. “Gary Barker and his team will significantly advance Nexgen’s strategy of providing our customers with real, sustainable offerings that fit within retail business models. Improving the sustainability of products and processes in the retail industry is a global priority and we are committed to working with our customers to achieve these goals.”

Since its inception in 2006, Ditto solutions has been focused on designing and manufacturing products that reduce the use of plastic in the retail supply chain. “I am excited to see Ditto joining forces with Nexgen Packaging. Ditto has spent the last 15 years designing globally recognized hanging solutions for apparel, footwear and accessories that make positive contributions to the environment while also maintaining brand recognition and performance”, said Gary Barker founder and President of Ditto. “The combination of Ditto with Nexgen’s global footprint of sales, manufacturing and industry experience will help bring a greater level of sustainability to the retail industry.”

Manuel Torres, Nexgen EMEA Managing Director, “Sustainability is and in particular the reduction of plastics at the core of Nexgen’s strategy, the combination of Ditto’s 15 years expertise and Nexgen’s global footprint, has allowed us to build a uniquely comprehensive and strong product portfolio that will address one of the major areas of concern for the retail industry.”

Since our inception over 15 years ago, Nexgen has experienced significant growth by listening to customers and responding quickly and nimbly to their needs. Our customers are looking for environmentally friendly product offerings that are tangible and fit their business model. This acquisition will further our ability to design sustainability into packaging solutions and bring transparency to the development and sourcing of products throughout the global retail supply chain.

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