Nexgen Packaging Expands Global Production with Investments in Mexico and Guatemala

Posted on January 25, 2022

Nexgen Packaging Expands Global Production with Investments in Mexico and Guatemala


WESTMONT, Illinois, January 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Nexgen Packaging, an industry leading supplier of packaging for the retail, apparel, and footwear industry, today announced strategic investments in their production capabilities in Latin America. Nexgen has 17 production facilities globally and recently made two strategic investments in Latin America to meet the increasing demand from retailers and manufacturers:

• Nexgen acquired the majority of assets of Imprimelo S.A based in Guatemala City, Guatemala in December 2021. These assets will allow Nexgen to expand its print and RFID capabilities for customers with manufacturing facilities in Central America. Imprimelo remains a valued partner of Nexgen in the region.

• In January 2022, Nexgen opened its new production facility in Querétaro, Mexico. Located in Querétaro City, this facility will provide retail manufacturers in Mexico, Central America, and the US with a full portfolio of packaging solutions. The Nexgen team in Querétaro has significant experience with printed tags/labels, RFID offerings, and sustainable solutions for the retail industry.

“Our customers in the US and Europe are aggressively pursuing nearshoring and onshoring manufacturing strategies in response to the supply chain challenges the retail industry is experiencing,” said Jim Welch, Nexgen co-CEO. “Nexgen has always pursued the strategy of investing in production facilities close to our customers’ points of manufacturing and these investments in Mexico and Guatemala reflect our commitment to meeting our customers’ supply chain needs. We are proud of our teams in Latin America and excited about the opportunities this will create for Nexgen and our customers.”

Since its inception over 15 years ago, Nexgen has become a leading producer of packaging products by listening to customers and responding quickly and nimbly to their needs. In the last three years, Nexgen has invested in manufacturing capabilities in Indonesia, India, Ethiopia, and Spain. These recent investments in Latin America allow our customers to meet the quick turn production needed for omni-channel retail and take advantage of trade agreements between the US, Canada, Mexico, and Central America.

“Nexgen was founded on the principle that we would provide our customers consistent, high-quality, global production through a regional investment strategy and emphasis on supply chain technologies,” said Andy Effron, co-CEO and co-founder of Nexgen. “Our production footprint combines centralized manufacturing with local and in-plant production capabilities which we believe gives our customers the best solution for competing effectively in a constantly evolving retail industry.”

Nexgen Packaging, LLC is a global provider of apparel brand identification and packaging products, serving the creative, product development, and production needs of apparel and footwear manufacturers and retailers, and their global manufacturing partners. The company is focused on simplifying everything from the creative process to order execution, utilizing innovative technologies to increase efficiency and enhance customer success. Nexgen has sales and manufacturing operations globally with headquarters in Hong Kong, Chicago, and Madrid.