Inspiration Adds Life to your Brand

Posted on September 23, 2021

Inspiration Adds Life to your Brand



In the 1980’s and 1990’s business was all about being big and powerful. Big meant being successful, established, trusted. Company logos were strong and projected that bigness, that global reach.

Today, that’s all changed. The pandemic and a younger demographic has altered the way people shop and connect to the brands they frequent. Shoppers want to shop at companies that share their convictions, their positivity and visions. Creating a brand presence that is transparent and authentic is critical. And a well-designed, genuine brand image can lead to a lifetime of brand loyalty.

As branding company Column Five states:

“Consumers want to know a company’s ‘Brand Heart’. This includes:

• Purpose: Why do you exist?
• Vision: What future do you want to help create?
• Mission: How do you create that future?
• Values: Who are you? How do you work?”

It’s important to have these issues front and center in websites and in campaigns and not buried deep in CSR reports of the back of a website. Consumers want to feel a company is doing good for the world and not just in it to make a buck.

A powerful way to show consumers your “Brand Heart” is through sustainability. This issue is becoming a growing focus of many consumers, especially Millennials. They want to feel that companies they buy from are doing the right thing, or at least really trying. Consumers want to be inspired by what companies are doing. Staying static is no longer an option.

How do you build your brand through Sustainability? Consumers don’t expect brands to become instantly green. But they do want to see an effort moving towards specific goals. They don’t want greenwashing, which is a dangerous brand liability. They want transparency and honesty.

• Start the process. Look at areas to make your business more sustainable.
• Share the experience with your consumers. Tell them about your journey and why it’s
important to change.
• Don’t be afraid to talk about issues that need to be changing—as long as you are working to
improve them!
• It’s far better to show small improvements than to claim huge changes that aren’t really
sustainable improvements.
• Put your efforts in full view on websites and promotions and not hidden is CSR reports. Make
it a part of who you are, your company brand.

Greenwashing is a huge brand killer that is extremely difficult to a brand’s reputation. Make small, certifiable claims to changes and start to build your story with consumers. They’ll be inspired by your brand and the connection will be one that lasts a lifetime.