Products with conscience

Like most industries today, sustainability proclamations and commitments are an integral part of the retail and brand business vernacular. Companies CSR (corporate social responsibility) speaks to their economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic positions while public companies are adopting Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).  Strong commitments towards sustainability goals take an equally strong trim product portfolio to support such efforts.  That being said, cost, certifications & availability are top of mind with customers.  Cost neutral sustainability does exist with some of our core products primarily with production in China.  Being mindful of the potential cost increase with other sustainable solves we offer different approaches to mitigate the potential price increase.  Validating material / product / process claims are another concern.  Our environmentally friendly trim and packaging portfolio is 100% certified, giving our customers transparency and peace of mind.  Lastly is availability. Availability around the legitimacy of any promoted product being currently produced for distribution and/or the product being available in your preferred country of production.  Nexgen shares only products that are available today and with full visibility to countries of production. Both Sales and Product Development can help you navigate and arrive at trim and packaging solutions that meet your corporate requirements. Ask for a copy of our Sustainability product portfolio for more information at [email protected]